Friday, November 28, 2014

abstracting ... working around ideas

A new project, working around ideas with ink

I'm revisiting an old idea and developing it.   Some time ago I did a couple of abstract paintings based on the idea of the Harlequin costume from the Comedia del Arte.   One shown below is a 30x40 inch canvas.

The one above was also trying out my new Sailor Flude pen - which I really like.  It's odd curved tip allows me to draw with the pen quite upright or tip it to make broad marks- the thickness of the lines in the sketch above were all done with the one pen, just angled differently.

Harlequin.   Mixed media on canvas 30x40inches

This time I'm looking at Columbine as well - her costume sometimes echoed the pattern of Harlequin's.   Costumes - the Comedia company were travelling players - costumes were often ragged and patched, which was the origin of the diamond pattern now seen as traditionally Harlequin.   I have got hooked on the raggedness as well as the patterns of patches in the current series.. 

I'm interested in the idea of stage light on fabrics, the glamour vs the tawdry reality, the fraying edges, stitches and patterns and time, layers of time and history.

I plan to use a variety of painting and drawing media and in some experiment with incorporating actual fabric.  I've been given a fragment of exquisitely embroidered fabric that was £120 a yard - I'd love to work that into something.

On some pieces done so far I've used actually stitching on paper and collage.   Lots of playing and thinking around ideas to go.  I see finished work being on canvas, paper and some digital images too.

And I need time to work from the sketches done in Cornwall and Northumberland .....   I need minions.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Derwemt Inktense website and my image

My commissioned  image on the Derwent website

I was asked to provide an image using Inktense for Derwent, who were revamping their website.  It's now live.  :>)   .... and they forgot to add my name!

It's about flowers rather than being any particular flower.  There are elements of poppies and Queen Anne's Lace and heaven knows what else in there.  Purely imaginary.  It's based on a large canvas I did some time ago.

The original much larger canvas

Inktense is one of my favourite Derwent products (alongside the XL tinted graphite and tinted charcoal).  I love the vibrancy and yet it is also possible to mix them to obtain subtle colours.   They are more transparent and luminous than ordinary watercolour pencils and because they dry waterproof I can build glazes and work over layers below as in my image that they used.   I use the pencils and the blocks.

It was great to be asked - they previously used an image of mine for the first year of the Derwent Art Prize and seeing it in all the art magazines for months before, in full page spreads, was fun!  It still catches me unawares sometimes - like last week when a student had brought in a past magazine and on the back, facing me, there it was again  :>)  That  was done with Artbars.

 I've been incredibly busy with work and family so haven't been updating my blog regularly.   I've got a few projects on the go - an abstract project, developing paintings from the sketchbook filled in Cornwall, a series of drawings and more -  so will show those soon. And Christmas is looming as well ....books for the grandchildren?  card designs?  presents?

to be continued!