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Digital experimenting, combining images

1 Evening Woods, digital image, Vivien Blackburn

At the end of the post are the 2 images that were combined to create this - a simple collage + drawing and a mixed media sketch.

I layered them in Photoshop - 3, 4 and 5 are simply combinations of the sketch and collage - 1 and 2 had a gradient added and combined to give the glow of colour.

I experimented with brightness and contrast, curves, layer options and opacity to get the different colour schemes and effects - possibly more, I lose track of what I've used!

The combination - to me - is far more interesting than the simple cut out shapes of the demo, done quickly for the class.





1st element in the combination: cut paper collage and drawing

2nd element in the combination: mixed media sketch

I find experiments like this are really useful for feeding into work in paint/mixed media on a larger scale.

What do you think?

Do you use the computer and your sketches this way? or some other way?

Runswick Bay, work in progress - stage 4

Runswick Bay, work in progress

It's slowly evolving and decisions are being made - more to go though.

Detail below:

any thoughts?

Runswick Bay - work in progress, stage 3

Runswick Bay, detailof work in progress

Runswick Bay, work in progress, 20x16 inches on canvas

I've been experimenting on this one today by using coloured pencils and graphite to draw into it. It will continue with further glazes of paint and then possibly more drawing. Lots more to do.

That strange walled structure contains huge seaweed covered boulders that protect the sea wall behind. The cliffs along this coast are really soft - almost mud - and collapse easily.

The house is thatched and this has weathered to a soft silvered grey.

Though the mud and weeds are fairly dark, as is the cliff, I want to keep the painting high key and the surround this time may stay white ...... but all is subject to change :>)

any thoughts?

The Crowns Botallack - adjusted slightly, and Runswick Bay in progress

Runswick Bay, Yorkshire, work in progress

I've put lots of subtle glazes of colour into this in the sea, sky and sand but they aren't picked up terribly well in the photo. It's at a very early stage and all is subject to change. The bushes and trees behind the houses are simply scrubbed in to get some colour there.

I want to catch a steely pale blue-grey day. Everything pale and clear and cool.

And in total contrast here is The Crowns at Botallack, tweaked a little. Maggie said that the sea seemed to come in front of the cliff on the left, so I've adjusted it slightly. A touch of gold on the edge of the grass and a swoosh of white over the water - does that work now ?

The Crowns, Botallack, Cornwall. Mixed media on canvas 20x16 inches

As always it's impossible to balance all the colours correctly :>( - the water around the rocks is greener - the sort of eau de nil turquoise green of water with trapped air bubbles from the waves crashing on the rocks.

I thi…

Quick sketch

Quick sketch - artists demo, pen and pencil on handoutleaflet

I haven't done any more work on the project - work and life haven't left me the time - hopefully this weekend I'll be able to carry on with the paintings in progress.

This is just a quick sketch done to alleviate boredom at a demo by a local artist - I had to borrow a pen from a friend and scribbled it on a handout. It was errrmmm ...... like ..... watching paint dry?

It's the silhouette of the camera that shows the action on the large screen behind the head on the right, the projector is on the left. The light on the easel dissolved in blinding light so that you couldn't make it out clearly and it created a pool of light around the figure, everything else dissolving into the semi-darkness.

I like the way things dissolve into each other in low light - Caravaggio like.

I've decided to make sure I have my sketchbook always with me in future.

The Crowns Botallack - finished at last - I think!

The Crowns, Botallack. detail. Vivien Blackburn

Looking at this painting, hung where I could see it and decide what might need editing and adjusting, I've made some changes and think it's now finished. (whole of the finished painting lower down)

The balancing act of making the buildings visible but capturing the way they appear part of the rocks and the landscape, not jumping out at you, was something I wanted to resolve.

Also, I've now glazed the top of the sky with ultramarine - and part of the sea and shadows on buildings and rocks.

The Crowns, Botallack, detail. Vivien Blackburn

The Crowns, Botallack - finished - I think! :>)


Now to get on with the rest of the series ......

Playing with collage - demo for class

Winter tree, collage, ink and coloured pencil. Vivien Blackburn

A quick demo to some class members struggling with the concept of mixed media. Just scraps of coloured paper from the oddments drawer at college, some ink and coloured pencil for the branches and stylised grasses. I wanted to show them that it didn't have to be incredibly difficult or involved but could be extremely simple, fitting in with the kind of drawing they liked to do.

I think it has a rather 1950s look to it do you?

The Crowns Botallack virtually completed and a sketchy start on Runswick Bay, mixed media on canvas

A sketchy start to the third one - again on 20 x 16 inch canvas - this time it's Runswick Bay, Yorkshire, a lovely, tiny little place.

I think I'm going to do this one as a limited palette piece and may/may not incorporate collage - not sure yet. Icy blues and earth tones I think.

Below is the almost complete Crowns at Botallack photographed in daylight. It still doesn't show the colours in the sea well :>( but maybe it picks up the greeny turquoise slightly better around the rocks.