Digital experimenting, combining images

1 Evening Woods, digital image, Vivien Blackburn

At the end of the post are the 2 images that were combined to create this - a simple collage + drawing and a mixed media sketch.

I layered them in Photoshop - 3, 4 and 5 are simply combinations of the sketch and collage - 1 and 2 had a gradient added and combined to give the glow of colour.

I experimented with brightness and contrast, curves, layer options and opacity to get the different colour schemes and effects - possibly more, I lose track of what I've used!

The combination - to me - is far more interesting than the simple cut out shapes of the demo, done quickly for the class.





1st element in the combination: cut paper collage and drawing

2nd element in the combination: mixed media sketch

I find experiments like this are really useful for feeding into work in paint/mixed media on a larger scale.

What do you think?

Do you use the computer and your sketches this way? or some other way?


Billie Crain said…
You bet I do, Vivien. It's a wonderful 'New Age' tool for artists, IMO. Some would disagree with that but that's them.

Btw, I love all your experiments!
dinahmow said…
A very long time ago (well, certainly before computers!) an artist friend used to work like this. An oil painter, he had a stack of old canvases and used to make sketches on them and, if they were "not working" he'd set them aside and use them for reference, often copying elements he liked over a "rough."
Pretty laborious and sheer hell to live with, but he did do some good work.
(And I still have not made time to try Artweaver properly. When I come home, perhaps?)
vivien said…
all the past masters experimented with the tools available in their day - I'm sure they would have embraced digital technology too - thanks Billie

A very long time ago .... the original made me think 1950's as soon as I'd done it! I prefer the more painterly digital one Dinah - and working over old canvasses is great isn't it? All those happy accidents that happen, integrating parts of the previous painting into the new one :>)
Beaded Jewelry said…
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Julie Broom said…
I've started using photoshop more and more to try out ideas for compositions and backgrounds. Certainly saves a lot of time.
I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award, Vivien. Please visit this post on my blog to receive it. :-)
vivien said…
thank you :>)
It's a fascinating way to work. I love the images you have created here.
vivien said…
thanks Elizabeth - I'm considering developing it on a larger scale in pastel for an upcoming show. Pastel over watercolour maybe - vibrant and with layers showing through?
Robyn said…
LOL Vivien, I'm still waiting for you to come and show me how to do this!!! :)
vivien said…
any day Robyn!!! Tuscany when we have grey grey days? no contest!

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