The Crowns Botallack - adjusted slightly, and Runswick Bay in progress

Runswick Bay, Yorkshire, work in progress

I've put lots of subtle glazes of colour into this in the sea, sky and sand but they aren't picked up terribly well in the photo. It's at a very early stage and all is subject to change. The bushes and trees behind the houses are simply scrubbed in to get some colour there.

I want to catch a steely pale blue-grey day. Everything pale and clear and cool.

And in total contrast here is The Crowns at Botallack, tweaked a little. Maggie said that the sea seemed to come in front of the cliff on the left, so I've adjusted it slightly. A touch of gold on the edge of the grass and a swoosh of white over the water - does that work now ?

The Crowns, Botallack, Cornwall. Mixed media on canvas 20x16 inches

As always it's impossible to balance all the colours correctly :>( - the water around the rocks is greener - the sort of eau de nil turquoise green of water with trapped air bubbles from the waves crashing on the rocks.

I think the ultramarine at the top of the sky (slightly less of a stripe IRL) pushes you down into the rocky inlet now, which for me works better.

What do you think?


Jeanette said…
Runswick bay is going to be good. I like the cooler palette but I know that will likely bump up before you're through.

I like the viewpoint of this one too.

And yes, the slight changes to The Crowns are good changes. The image is well balanced.
vivien said…
oh good, I'm glad you agree :>(

I really like the pale cool palette and am trying to keep that feeling whilst putting in the rocks/weed/mud- not getting tooo dark with them

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