Runswick Bay, work in progress - stage 4

Runswick Bay, work in progress

It's slowly evolving and decisions are being made - more to go though.

Detail below:

any thoughts?


Julie Broom said…
I really like how this is taking shape. The composition is really strong creating a lovely pathway for the eye to follow out to sea. I don't know if it's just the photo but there appears to be a lovely silvery glisten emerging?
Jeanette said…
I love the cool, pastel colours in this. Its wonderful. it makes me look harder and pick up new details with each study I make of it.
vivien said…
Hi Julie, yes - I'm working hard on getting that glisten of wet sand leading out to the gleam on the calm sea, in that sort of cool light - so I'm delighted it's coming through :>) I'll try some close ups at the next stage if it will photograph.

It's fun to work with the subtle pastels after the intensity of colour in the Cornish one Jeanette :>) (loving your recent fish paintings)
Lindsay said…
I love the colors in this one and appreciate your WIPS.
vivien said…
Thanks Lindsay - roll on the better weather so I can work plein air - studio paintings take so much longer!
caseytoussaint said…
It's really interesting to watch the progress on this. I wouldn't presume to give an opinion - but I'm certainly learning a lot by watching you!
vivien said…
thanks Casey - due to pressure of work it's going very very slowly, which I hate.

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