Quick sketch

Quick sketch - artists demo, pen and pencil on handout leaflet

I haven't done any more work on the project - work and life haven't left me the time - hopefully this weekend I'll be able to carry on with the paintings in progress.

This is just a quick sketch done to alleviate boredom at a demo by a local artist - I had to borrow a pen from a friend and scribbled it on a handout. It was errrmmm ...... like ..... watching paint dry?

It's the silhouette of the camera that shows the action on the large screen behind the head on the right, the projector is on the left. The light on the easel dissolved in blinding light so that you couldn't make it out clearly and it created a pool of light around the figure, everything else dissolving into the semi-darkness.

I like the way things dissolve into each other in low light - Caravaggio like.

I've decided to make sure I have my sketchbook always with me in future.


dinahmow said…
Poor you! I get horribly cranky with people who are supposed to be au fait with hi-tech stuff but are not.
Still the rest of us got a good quickie as a result :-)
vivien said…
:>) me too!
caseytoussaint said…
Oooh - I love this!
vivien said…
thanks Casey :>)

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