The Crowns Botallack - finished at last - I think!

The Crowns, Botallack. detail. Vivien Blackburn

Looking at this painting, hung where I could see it and decide what might need editing and adjusting, I've made some changes and think it's now finished. (whole of the finished painting lower down)

The balancing act of making the buildings visible but capturing the way they appear part of the rocks and the landscape, not jumping out at you, was something I wanted to resolve.

Also, I've now glazed the top of the sky with ultramarine - and part of the sea and shadows on buildings and rocks.

The Crowns, Botallack, detail. Vivien Blackburn

The Crowns, Botallack - finished - I think! :>)


Now to get on with the rest of the series ......


Laureline said…
Very nice, Vivien! I find your process posts so interesting and inspiring. I look forward to seeing the rest of the series.

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