Runswick Bay - work in progress, stage 3

Runswick Bay, detail of work in progress

Runswick Bay, work in progress, 20x16 inches on canvas

I've been experimenting on this one today by using coloured pencils and graphite to draw into it. It will continue with further glazes of paint and then possibly more drawing. Lots more to do.

That strange walled structure contains huge seaweed covered boulders that protect the sea wall behind. The cliffs along this coast are really soft - almost mud - and collapse easily.

The house is thatched and this has weathered to a soft silvered grey.

Though the mud and weeds are fairly dark, as is the cliff, I want to keep the painting high key and the surround this time may stay white ...... but all is subject to change :>)

any thoughts?


Chris Bellinger said…
This looks like a nice painting developing and will be interested to see resulst!

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