Hidden Treasures, Open Studios Exhibition: Little Gems

Things are hectic as we are busy hanging an exhibition this weekend for the Open Studios event in our area. A small group of us meet up once a month to discuss work in progress and exhibitions we've been to and put several joint shows on each year.

our website is: http://sitekreator.com/theassociationofleicestershireartists

We're showing our work for the weekend in a lovely old Georgian house, off the gorgeous gardens of another, even nicer, old Georgian house that's a museum. We've got the whole house to spread through, it's an arts centre now.

I'm feeling stretched as I've got 2 exhibitions starting in the next couple of weeks and so can't really show the work I've done for them here - so it's been busy making sure I have enough work.

2 of the group belong to another group, Artspace, who are showing at the Venice Biennale this year (Mary and Judith) so they are also rushed and stretched.

I did a show with some friends last week for the open studios and one had the bright idea of doing cream teas - in this show we are concentrating on the paintings.


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