Sunday, July 15, 2012

people sketching while waiting

Little courtyard off the waiting room, people waiting to be seen by the doctor; Rotring pen, water soluble felt pen with waterbrush and Parker jotter in Stillman and Birn Gamma Sketchbook

I'm seeing rather too much of hospital waiting rooms at the moment - but the weather was nice so we waited in a little courtyard garden, just off the waiting room, for our appointment - which of course was running late.   Sketching people out in the fresh air relieved the boredom considerably :>)

Not great sketches - my excuse is that the models kept twitching and moving and crocheting and suchlike, making it impossible to do the woman's hands for instance  - for me anyway.

I just can't enjoy sketching like this with my Rotring pen - I find nibs too scratchy.  :>(    (man on the top right).   I binned my Lamy pen because no matter what I did or how I cleaned it,  it refused to let the ink flow freely - not one I'd ever buy again - unless Lamy want to send me one that works?    I wish I could find an affordable pen that flexes and where the ink really flows freely.

I quite like the washes you cn sweep out from the felt pen (brush-like tip one end, drawing tip the other end) and have always enjoy drawing in biro/ballpoint pen.

Oh well, it was a bit of practice and saved me from ennui :>).

What is your preferred medium for these sort of quick sketches?

I will finish the series of 'essentials' when life calms down a little.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Derwent's new watercolour paper

Birthday card made using Derwent's new watercolour paper - gouache, Artbars and oil pastel

A quick bunch of imaginary flowers for the birthday of my eldest daughter this weekend.

I'm a bit late posting it so Mr Postman please be quick.

I used the A4 paper and simply folded it - wrote the message in copper oil pastel inside and played with these flowers on the outside.