Porth Nanven, evening, Derwent charcoal in Stillman and Birn A4 hardback sketchbook

 Another from Cornwall.  Attempting to catch the silvery dazzle of light on water.  A little stream tumbles down the Cot Valley to the beach below - Porth Nanven.

The new Derwent charcoal sticks are luscious to use and there is a little of their charcoal pencil in there too.  The photo makes the horizon slope - the drawing doesn't .

S&B sketchbooks are now available from Jacksons in the UK.   The Beta  paper is lovely, heavy and really well primed so that it takes any medium I choose.

Epsilon and Zeta are smooth and beautiful for pen and ink work.  They will take watercolour but if you want to use a lot of  media and layers, then the others are more for you.

Has anyone tried the new Derwent charcoals and graphites?  or the S&B sketchbooks?


Polly Birchall said…
Thank you for suggesting that I look at your blog, and I found it extremely interesting and inspirational. Your work in these books is really impressive. Well that's it then, onwards and upwards, get the watercolours out again and persist. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Thank you again.
vivien said…
You are welcome :-)

And thank you

Yes, ever onwards, experimenting and learning :-)

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