Northumbria, sketch with Derwent XL Graphite sticks in S&B Delta sketchbook

Heading back to Netherton across the moor, Simonside hills in the distance, last light, sun setting behind the hills.   Derwent XL Graphite sticks in an S&B Delta A4 sketchbook

I had a few days in Northumbria sketching with a friend.  Both of us were suffering with racking coughs but managed to get lots done.  This one is from a drive back across the moors in the evening in the last light.  

Done in Derwents XL graphite blocks and a little of their tinted watersoluble graphite pencils as well.   They were perfect for the wild landscape and time of day.   There is just a touch of W&N watercolour for the reds in the sky , but everything else is done with the coloured graphite sticks (very chunky and lush) and the graphitint pencils.

I took my S&B Delta sketchbook and almost filled it :>) using a wide variety of media - watercolour, XL graphite and charcoal, willow charcoal, ballpoint pen, gouache, conte pencil, ink and a mix of any and all!  A gorgeous book that took everything I threw at it ... scratching out, erasing, washing out  ....

more to follow .....

have you tried the XL range?


Polly Birchall said…
Very dramatic!
vivien said…
it was, it was really beautiful :>)

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