Using ink and a stick to draw the contents of my desk, backlit aginst the sun

sunglasses and eye drops, backlit,  ink drawing in A4 S&B Zeta sketchbook

I've been neglecting my blog lately.   A mixture of a Mount Everest of marking and paperwork to do :>( and having had laser eye surgery.............. and being able to see without glasses (except for reading small print).  :>)   Yay!!!!!!

I liked the backlit arrangement of clutter relevant to the surgery on my desk after I'd used the eye drops and decided to draw it.  It started off with some Herbin Gris Nuage but it didn't go dark enough for the shadows so I added FW acrylic Paynes grey ink and touch of their white ink to regain some highlights ,,,, then a small touch of Tombow pen.  The stick I used was a handle from a broken paintbrush, sharpened with a pencil sharpener.   I think I prefer the freer marks of twigs but it worked very well.  There was of course also water and a paintbrush for creating washes of paler ink.

There were lots of really wet washes and the Zeta stood up to them brilliantly, no buckling at all.

Who likes drawing with ink?


my croft said…
I l-o-v-e splashing around with ink (couldn't honorably call it 'drawing') and I was over the moon when I found the FW line. study, I love backlit subjects, and don't mind ink to draw/paint with, the Zeta paper sounds good, shall keep me eyes open for that :)
vivien said…
Thanks :-). It's lovely with ink Kat but I prefer beta and delta with watercolour.

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