Swithland Woods in Inktense .... and some gouache ... editing update

Swithland Woods, Inktense, a bit of pen and now some gouache and a touch of pastel. in S&B A4 sketchbook

As I said, I wasn't happy with the background foliage (here) - so today I used it as an example of editing/adjusting for my class.   I won't finish the foreground off, it's still just a sketch but I was able to regain the highlights with gouache and intensify some darks, simplifying both but keeping the complexity of the foliage.




annie said…
Really helpful to see what you've done, Vivien. I am sure it helped your class, too. I learn so much when folks like you and Katherine Tyrrell share your works in progress. Thanks, so much.
vivien said…
Thanks Annie :>) I'm glad it was helpful. I thought Katherines first go at a video was excellent - maybe that will be her next publishing offer once the book is out?

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