Drawing over a boring previous sketch and playing with mixed media: Trees

Sketch in acrylic ink, tinted graphite and a touch of coloured pencil

I currently have all my classes looking at trees at the moment - considering the individuality of them, looking at various artists past and contemporary.  Contemporary includes some friends and also artists I don't know but admire , these include Bridget Hunter. Glen Heath, David Parfitt, David Prentice, David Tress, Kurt Jackson, Shirley Trevena, Cheryl Culver and lots more. I don't have time to add links, sorry,  but google them if you are interested?  Past includes Mondrian, Klimt, Van Gogh, Monet etc etc etc  I really like Mondrian's trees and Klimt too.

There was a page in a sketchbook where I had experimented with tinted graphite, doing a moody image of rain approaching across the bay.  It was just a tester and was quite boring.  I decided to work over it, keeping it as background and working in grey and white acrylic ink (plus a little more tinted graphite and a touch of coloured pencil).     The page is a bit more interesting now :>)    

In an S&B Alpha sketchbook.


annie said…
Back to saying hello since I just got my new computer, this week, and am getting reconnected with folks. I had lost the functions to comment on blogs and website, some time ago.

This is so lovely, Vivien. I hadn't seen the original, so I don't know what you meant by "boring," but this is now so full of life and spirit. It simply DANCES!
vivien said…
Thanks Annie. It was boring honestly!!! better now
annie said…

Sue Marrazzo said…
LOVE it!!!
vivien said…
thank you Annie and Sue :>)

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