Another from the Ogwen Valley, low clouds on the mountain tops

Ogwen Valley, Low cloud on the mountains, A3 mixed media

After the charcoal sketch done in the morning my friends walked up to a higher lake, I painted quietly on my own.  So peaceful with the clouds drifting by, the steep hills cut with tumbling waterfalls and the single track road winding up and down throught the rocks.  I love the drama of the contours of the land and the rocks, barely covered by soil.

We really didn't only have rainy days!  though the mixed weather meant beautiful skies and challenges.

Big black Welsh cattle with their huge hooves lumbered by, followed by calves scrambling uncertainly down those steep hillsides.  I'd always assumed that this was the old, original road (main road is across the valley) but a lovely friendly lady told me it was built by a lord of the manor so that his guests had a scenic carriage ride when they came to stay.

Just as I finished this, the friends phoned to say they were back down the mountain and we joined up for coffee and cake at the National Trust cafe.  A lovely day.


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