Double Trouble

The cats were playing with an empty box yesterday morning so I shot this sequence and used them to make a birthday card for my husband.

We took Rosie the tortoiseshell tabby in as a 2 week old orphan who weighed just 25 grams and had to be fed a special formula with a syringe every 3 hours 24/7!

She thrived but we felt she was maybe a bit lonely when we were out and also we were worried that she didn't understand other cats at all and was terrified of them and was absolutely petrified of everything outside and would even run in if the wind ruffled her fur! Indoors she was fine and she's very loving.

We decided to adopt a kitten from a refuge and brought home Paddy (black) - he was a confident, swashbuckling little soul, very different from her. She was terrified of him! He kept trying to get her to play with him and she'd hiss and spit and growl and run away - pursued by this little sooty scrap a fraction of her size! I really didn't think it was going to work as it took weeks for he to accept him - at first she'd even attack my hand if I'd touched him. Sheer terror not just jealousy.

Eventually she gained confidence and learnt to chase him and now they play beautifully with no bullying by either of them. She's much more confident but still a big baby.

No painting going on, though I have to finish one painting that is a present.


haha My dogs were doing the same thing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Katherine said…
Hi Viv! What a lovely card..........but, I'm puzzled, where are the scratch marks on the sofa?

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