macro flowers

It's early autumn so there aren't too many flowers in the garden - but I was desperate to try out the super macro on my camera, focussing so close that the flowers are virtually touching the lens :)

These are the results

this one is out of focus because the wind blew the rose hip just as I took the picture, but I rather like it as it is, abstract shapes and colours.

the centres of flowers are the subject of a new series of paintings and, though I don't like working from photographs, I'm sure these will help.

If you want to see more, they are on

The immediacy of digital photography is great, take them and see them onscreen, edit, crop and delete failures within minutes.


Katherine said…
Great photos Viv!

I'm just sitting here turning a very distinct green colour
vivien said…
thanks! that's a fair exchange as I went quite emerald over your recent jaunts to the US!

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