Walk in the woods

I went for a walk in the woods this lunchtime and tried out my new camera. The light was difficult as it was very bright and sunny and very dark under the trees - difficult for the camera to cope with and dazzling to walk through.

There's a shallow stream that flows over stones, reflecting the sky and scattered with acorns and leaves. I tried taking photographs of it, the mix of warm earth colours and first fallen leaves against the cool blue sky reflections was lovely.

This is blurry as it's moving water taken in dark conditions and blown up from the centre of a larger image - but I like the colours and movement in it.

The purple loosestrife seeds had nearly all blown away, leaving those lovely skeletal spirals silhouetted against the shadows.

The woods are ancient and once belonged to the family of Lady Jane Grey - beheaded by Mary Tudor when her family tried to claim the throne on her behalf.

The ruins of her old family home are nearby at Bradgate Park.

The story:



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