progress with the poppies etc

Several canvasses are now mid-way but these are almost finished

first the poppy

This is very similar to the research sketches but on a larger scale.

Then an abstract from flowers. These are both on canvas, the poppy is about 18 inches square and the abstract is about 20/22 inches square.

then a mixed media piece on paper - it's in this frame to stop the pastel on it smudging but it needs a bigger frame to 'breathe'.

I like working on paper like this as it enables me to add more drawing and a wider variety of media. It isn't quite finished. The trouble is that I really don't like glass in front of work as it distances you from the work and the shine, and mere presence of it, spoil the velvety textures and marks.

There are several other canvasses in progress but not really at a photographable stage.

I also plan to do some more mixed media pieces on paper, a couple of much larger canvasses to finish and some smaller pieces.


am-art said…
Vivien - Great to have found your blog at last! Such a treat to see you work. I particularly like the middle one of these three - I love the way it vibrates between realism and abstract.
vivien said…
thanks Anita :) - it's great to hear from you

Yes, that's the one I think is the most successful - it's propped up in the living room at the moment. I now have to go and work on some more - and bigger canvasses - urgently!

Your recent work has been really interesting - I have your blog bookmarked :)

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