quick mixed media winter scene

Birches in the Snow - Vivien Blackburn - mixed media
8 -12 ins approx

It's cold and though it isn't snowy like this it feels cold enough to be!

Mixed media - watercolour, oil pastel, coloured pencil, conte pencil and tippex.

Travelling to and from work through the countryside the best views are always where it's impossible to stop :( so I look hard and try to remember the light. We did have a dusting of snow one day - which was worrying as we never normally get snow until January. I hope we don't have a hard winter.


Suzanne said…
Quick is good if this is the result. Another very nice range of blues... In fact, a relative of your Christmas card!
vivien said…
thanks :)

it is a relative isn't it!
Oh so cool - I do so admire you style- I wish...
I know what you mean about the picture you want is not a safe place to stop. Find the same with my photography -
Your memory is pretty good though.
Bill Sharp said…
Beautiful, Vivien. I feel the cold and so serene.
sharon young said…
What a beautiful evocative sketch! The colours are wonderful and it's so full of life!
vivien said…
Shirley, Bill and Sharon - thank you :D

It's funny I love painting snow but hate to be outside in it in reality!
Lindsay said…
Nobody mixes media like you. Just lovely.
Robyn said…
You make the snow look like such a magical place to be, Vivien. One of the things I'm most grateful for this year is you opening my eyes to the potential of mixed media. I haven't done much yet but it's in the works. Thank you!
I too fear we may be in for a very cold winter but the other half of me yearns for a white Christmas.
vivien said…
Lindsay and Robyn - thank you :D

I do love mixing media because it expands the 'visual vocabulary' available to work with :)

I'll be watching developments with interest as you play :)
laureline said…
Vivien, this is beautiful. Such a crystalline scene, so successfully rendered. I wish I could see it in person, because I can't see in it all the mediums you list. Whatever you've used, you've done a fabulous job.
vivien said…
thanks :)

next one I do I'll try to remember to enlarge sections so it's more obvious just what's what.

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