sam's book update 6

One of the pages, with text - using a painting done last year. The dotted lines around the text are Publisher text boxes and won't print.

I've been doing long hours without even lunch breaks because of meetings and marking and stuff - so it's on hold for the moment.

On Friday I'm meeting up with Katherine Tyrrell and Gayle Mason at Patchings - so a day for ME!

Anyone who likes Gayles gorgeous work and can get there - book your ticket! She has a stand and you'll be able to see her work, buy cards and talk to her.


Julie Broom said…
I'm loving the book, Vivien. How do you plan to produce the printed copy? Have you considered making it available for purchase through a self publishing company such as Lulu?

Enjoy Patchings sounds like you are well overdue some 'me time'.
vivien said…
Thanks Julie :>)

I think it may be too personal for others - unless I adapted it a little - it's very much about our family holiday and Sam.

I'm going to print it on heavy cartridge paper and produce it as a concertina book for Sam, with a wrap around cover. (Hinges on the back, as in our Flying Pictures sketchbook exchange)

Yes, I'm looking forward to tomorrow :>)

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