Sam's book update, another illustration

Sam and his Auntie walking on a windy beach on a cool day, but still the colours are beautiful
watercolour, coloured pencil and pencil

I've done another illustration for the book, of Sam and my younger daughter - yet to go are my husband, his dad an more of his mum.

It's not fantastic but it does catch my daughters brisk walking and Sam's windswept exuberance :>)

Now to think about the text to go with it .......


Julie Broom said…
I really like the contrast between the calm adult posture and movement of your daughter and Sam's youthful energy. :-)wonderful.
vivien said…
thanks :>) I wanted that so I'm really pleased you picked up on her purposeful walk vs his mad gyrations!
annie said…
I agree-- the contrast just makes the picture. And isn't this one of the things we love about children, the way they leap into everything with such enthusiastic gyrations?
vivien said…
that's Sam alright! enthusiastic gyrations :>D

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