digital images and this years projects

This one started life as a digital drawing using Harmony and was then manipulated and combined with colour in Photoshop. I am still in love with the marks that programme can make!

I think I'll pursue developing paintings from digital beginnings a little more this year. Our little group have also decided on 2 major themes for future exhibitions - one to look at still life in our own particular ways, something we all rarely do, so a new challenge. Another is an exhibition with a theme and title worked out (secret as yet), that again we'll tackle in our individual ways - more on this later in the year.

I'm also planning to get down to Cornwall to do more plein air work and more plein air paintings locally.


Julie Broom said…
oh, that is a lovely digital drawing - so unusual. I can appreciate why you are so taken with the marks the applications are capable of. I for one am really looking forward to seeing how your digital talents develop during 2011. Happy New Year, Vivien.
I'm intrigued by the whole digital art world. I'll look forward to hearing all about it from you! Very pretty work here!
annie said…
I am so totally ignorant of what goes into creating the digital world that I can only marvel at what I see coming out of it. So your work is going to be mystifying but FUN.

And...YAY...MORE Cornwall...

Happy New Year to you, too, Vivien.
Laureline said…
You are so damned inspiring, Vivien! I can always count on being delighted, stimulated, and made a little envious by what you do; D.
vivien said…
thank you and Happy New Year everyone :>)

Paula Pertile did an interesting video of doing her illustration digitally/combined with traditional drawing - it's well worth watching and similar to what I do for some stuff - apart from the lightbox, I don't have one of those
annie said…
Thanks for the link to that demo, Vivien. Great fun, especially Paula Pertile working with the lightbox(which this old lady from the last century still uses).
Robyn said…
Thanks for the video link, Vivien. I'll watch it immediately. I always get fired up and inspired by your beautiful digital paintings and resolve to learn how to do it. And now another year has passed and I still haven't applied myself :(

I always look forward to your Cornwall visits. I'm itching to go there myself after a couple of recently art documentaries.

Happy New Year!
ian said…
I'm working on a set of prints that started life as pastel sketches, then were scanned into the PC, manipulated in Paint Shop Pro and will now be translated back into handpulled prints, probably incorporating silk screen and collagraph elements.

I love taking images and ideas back and forth between media. It seems to complement another obsession of mine, palimpsest, which in art terms for me translates into the layering and combination of ideas, textures and forms, creating something new along the way.
vivien said…
you are welocme Annie :>)

Ian I would really like to do some etchings based on some of these - it's sooo expensive using our local print workshop though, that it puts me off.

Have you got a link to your work? I'd love to see what you are doing :>)

Robyn a joint Watermarks/Flying painting get together in Cornwall would be an amazing trip wouldn't it?

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