2 more colour studies of the view across the bay - vivid afternoon and oale early morning

Across the bay, blue afternoon, coloured pencil in moleskine sketchbook
pale pearly dawn across the bay, coloured pencil in moleskine sketchbook 

Two more colour/light studies of the view across the bay.   A vivid blue afternoon and a pale pale morning (which was almost impossible to scan because it really is very pale).


Jeanette said…
I love how the change in light changes the colours of the ocean.

It is a mystery to those who don't see it in person and think it shouldn't be those colours.

You know you really need to just pack up and go live in Sennen Cove. Seriously.
These colour studies are beautiful, they've got me pining for a trip to Cornwall.
vivien said…
oh Jeanette if only!!!!!!! The house we rented must be worth a million pounds - my daughter looked up houses for sale there on Right Move and a flat higher up the hill with parking down at harbour level (free for all with other residents in 'designated area') which would mean lugging stuff up a very steep hill - was quarter of a million.

Yes the changes can be so dramatic and sometimes so odd - I envy you your daily views of the sea.

I'm pining for another trip already Lisa! and also wanting to return to Dartmoor and paint.

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