Friday, May 27, 2011

urban sketches done whilst waiting

 Biro (ballpen) urban sketches in A4 sketchbook

I've had a few sessions of waiting for family while they attend appointments.   Rather than be bored I've taken to sketching from the car while I wait - good practice for perspective even if not an exciting drawing in itself.   I think I'm going to keep this A4 wirebound sketchbook in the car for these times of boredom.

and one I showed earlier, part of this series ......

more to follow.

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Margo said...

Viv, you should definitely have that sketchbook in the car, no worries then as you don't have to lug it. And congrats on winning such a nice prize. It encourages me that someone does actually win these things, I guess I'll continue to enter contests! I love that piece you did with the rollers, what a brilliant idea. I always enjoy your recent posts, and esp. now that I'm limiting my time on WC.