Digital image: Twilight woods

Twilight Woods.  Digital image

A complex mix of various of the samples done with the Derwent pencils and ink sketches.  This doesn't exist anywhere but in the computer - I do like tangled undergrowth like this and did a whole series of work on the theme in my final year of my degree - something I'd like to work on again a little.   On big canvasses.   And maybe focussing in on details as below:

I'm making no New Year resolutions other than to go with the flow :>)


Jeanette said…
Beautiful work Vivien. There's such a sense of darkness but all those colours are there too. Makes me want to go play with colour too.
Laura said…
These are inspiring and lovely. I look forward to seeing your further explorations in this vein. Happy 2012 to you, dear Vivien. I am with you in the flow.
Love this digital image.
I have always advocated going with the flow so keep flowing.

Cheers and a happy flowing new year

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