Tuesday, December 13, 2011

editing images: lost edges and contrast

Mawgan Porth, Moonrise, coloured pencil and gouache on a deep buff paper

Originally the cliff top showed more clearly against the dark clouds, paler.   It jarred, I didn't like it, so I sat down to create a lost edge - the cliff top edge barely visible against the dark cloud.  I like it better. This is another in that sketchbook with the deep buff paper - you can see it in places in this and the other images.

I also added  a little white gouache to enhance the gleam on the water, moved the moon (with the flick of my hand!), added a ring around the moon and I'm happier with it now..

The clouds haven't scanned well  - they are softer with more subtleties and changes of colour than is picked up here.   I think it's finished.



Lisa Le Quelenec said...

It certainly looks finished to me.. The lost edges in the cliff and wet sand helps keep the velvety, mellow night time feel. I can feel the stillness.

vivien said...

That's what I was after :>) so I'm pleased, thanks Lisa

Jeanette said...

Definitely a good choice. Having the cliff melt into the darkness adds to the feel of the piece. Beautiful.