Making a bead necklace .... and now for something completely different .... for me

My first bead necklace 

Today I met up with a fellow teacher for an exchange of skills.  Sue teaches jewellery making and makes some really beautiful things (check out the link).   She taught me how to make this necklace with all the extra, sticky out beads at the centre :>)   I chose all the lovely blue greens of the sea with a few sand colours for contrast.  Her studio was  a treasurehouse of luscious beads.  She was very patient with someone clumsy, who constantly tangled her thread :>)

I took the Inktense pencils and bars and my paintbrushes for her to have a play with them.   They can be used on silk and as she involves textiles in some of her work I thought they might be of interest.  Sue experimented with those, while I industriously threaded beads.

A lovely creatively different day :>)  which we plan to repeat, with me teaching drawing/painting and Sue, Gill and Sheryl teaching different aspects of jewellery making.

Key Elements in Painting and Drawing series:

I'll do the next episode in the key elements of painting and drawing in the next few days.   The next one will be about tone.


Jeanette said…
Very lovely. The colourways you've chosen really do reflect the sea and sky.

Its good to have some skill swaps, you never know what you'll pick up that will stay with you and help you on your journey.
vivien said…
Thanks Jeanette. I agree about skill swaps - so many unexpected things link together and produce something new.

I like the polished stones you use in your jewellery.

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