Derwent Coloursoft testing: Tiny abstracts, trees, seascapes, studies and ideas for potential large canvasses

A series of tiny (2 inches and less) studies for possible large canvasses.  Derwent Coloursoft on Fisher 400 paper, underpainting in watercolours.   Vivien Blackburn

 Tiny Abstracts with Derwent Coloursoft pencils  and watercolour on Fisher 400 paper:

I had some tiny left over scraps of the Fisher 400 and decided to experiment with water colour washes, overlaid with Derwent Coloursoft pencils (which work beautifully over this paper, so intense and rich).

As I'm not getting out to work plein air at the moment, due to the cold not being great for arthritis, I thought I might work on some canvasses where I'm simply using luscious colours to create space, mood and lovely interactions of colour.

The Coloursoft on the Fisher paper allow me to throw in those unexpected intense bits of colour, over deeper washes beneath, like those touches of vivid red that float over the underlying colours.   Mixing media like this allows me to do this - to let the painting, tiny as it is, to start talking back to me.  To make changes, subtle or dramatic.   Some of the colour shifts are gentle with watercolours wet in wet, glazed or with thin hazes of the coloured pencils.

Using the Coloursoft on this paper over watercolour, acrylic or gouache, on a small scale,is a perfect way for me to play quickly with ideas, colours, space etc before starting on a large canvas as I can create similar separation or blending to what will happen when I work on a large canvas in oils. with the mix of media.  It has the same ability to work backwards and forwards between dark and light and make big changes.

These studies are the beginnings of a series that I hope will lead on to 36 or 40 inch canvasses - they have the feel of bigger paintings to me - do you agree?

An earlier series in a similar vein can be seen here and here   for work in progress and below for one finished canvas, They were done for a project linked with the comedy festival here a few years ago and were about Harlequin and the Commedia del Arte.  They were based on the patched Harlequin costume, stage lights reflecting on silky fabrics, distressed surfaces ...

Harlequin,30x40 inches mixed media on canvas, Vivien Blackburn

Some other studies testing out the Derwent Coloursoft:

 Coloursoft pencils in Moleskine sketchbook, Abstracted seascape, misty morning on a day that promises to be glorious , Vivien Blackburn
 Birches, coloursoft pencils on Fisher 400,  no underpainting, Vivien Blackburn

Birches, Derwent Coloursoft on Fisher 400 paper, Vivien Blackburn

and this one, done as part of the postcard exchange.

I am really liking Coloursoft in combination with Fisher 400.  It's lovely on paper - but the way it behaves on sanded paper is something special : > )

 Coloursoft doodle in the Derwent 75lb sketchbook with Rotring pen lines

Colours can still be quite intense even on the thin paper in this sketchbook but even better on the 110lb sketchbook or other heavier paper.

An article on the Secret Project on a new product next week as it's secret will be out :>)


Ann said…
Your non-objective pieces are fabulous! I find that kind of imagery very difficult to do but yours are beautiful. The shapes and colors really sing! I also like to use coloursofts on sanded surfaces, they are almost like pastels. After having set them aside for some time I have been playing around with them again on pastel board, another surface they work well on.
Teresa Mallen said…
These small abstracts are delicious and yes I am sure they will look wonderful as large pieces. Fisher paper isn't available in Canada or the U.S. (unless this has changed recently) but I do enjoy using ColourSoft pencils on Colourfix paper. Fortunately we have that here!
vivien said…
Thanks Ann and Teresa :>)

I haven't used pastel board or Colourfix paper (though I did experiment with the liquid Colourfix that you paint on and liked that) - more things to play with :>)

If you look at the link on Tim Fisher's site he says he ships internationally. I know he ships to a friend, Nicole Caulfield, in the US. I don't know what the postage would be of course.
annie said…
Awww, so tiny and charming,and what color on some of them...Thanks for the heads up about the Fisher paper and Derwent Colorsoft. I shall have to try some of that paper--and maybe even the pencils.

Tasty little gems. These will work really well on a big scale.

(btw I couldn't follow the harlequin link it sent me to this post. I found them by doing a search though. Gorgeous!)
vivien said…
Thanks Annie and Lisa

- I've fixed the link, thanks for letting me know.

I think you'll enjoy them Annie

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