Slapstick Project: Harlequin

A group I belong to have been invited to take part in an exhibition linked to the Comedy Festival early next year and I've been trying to get my head around how to tackle it. The theme of the comedy festival (and our project) is slapstick.

I did some research on Harlequin and the Commedia del Arte and decided to make that the basis of the paintings. It was bawdy and crude and they went on stage with only a rough storyline planned and then ad libbed - which seemed very contemporary to me.

Harlequins costume was originally patched but later had the diamond pattern to represent the patches.

I've worked out some stuff on the computer and have started a 30x40 inch canvas.

The images here are all digital images - the one in the post above is the start the canvas.


Absolutely Lovely! I love the colors Vivian!!!

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