13th November

brought the unsold paintings back yesterday, It was a gorgeous autumn day with fantastic dawn skies (I had to get there early) and lovely long shadows as the sun came up. The show went well and I'll show there again next year.

I stopped at another gallery on the way home and showed them my work. They are interested but they are a framers and won't show work that isn't framed by them, They say if work is unsold you only pay cost - but as my framer does me a good deal for quality work, they are still more expensive and won't be the same as the rest of my work - I haven't made up my mind yet. I may try just 3. He liked the canvasses but I felt he wanted the framing business and would probably not take them in the end because he couldn't frame them. I will NOT frame canvasses!

The sea was amazing with silver strands of light and I would have loved to stop to paint but couldn't as I had the car full of paintings and didn't want to leave it. You can't park where you can see the sea. :(

Now I have to get my head around a project on Slapstick to take part in an exhibition for the comedy festival early next year and do some more large canvasses,


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