digital images

I've been working on these digital manipulations from sketches this morning, I think the first one may become my Christmas card this year.

The second one could be done in charcoal and a little pastel colour but not much, keeping it subtle - a large scale drawing, The first and third I could do on a big canvas.

They'll change a little in the translation from computer image to paper/canvas but I think they give me a good start. A good morning :)


Fantastic I dont know how in the world you all do these - they are amazing!
Amon said…
Well done on a great blog vivien. I was searching for information on vintage posters and came across your post digital images - not exactly what I was looking for related to vintage posters but very interesting all the same!
Keith said…
Wow vivien how did I get here? I was trying to find some info on and leisure related stuff, so goodness knows why the last link I clicked on brought me here. But although there is nothing about , I'd like to say what a good job you've done with your blog.

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