Further experiments with the small abstracts - digital variations

Digital experiment with small abstracts. Vivien Blackburn

I'm working out options for this series.   The original ones were manipulated in photoshop, playing with colour variations and rotating/flipping.

I quite like the idea of doing a series of 9 framed liked this on either black or white.

Which do you prefer for the background - black or white?

I think the white background has a clean freshness but the black has an added glow.  


The white wins for me, the black makes each one seem to battle with each other. The white gives each one a chance to come to the fore. For me looking on screen they vibrate and push and pull against each other which I find quite visually exciting. (hope that makes sense)I like the rotating and flipping idea and being able to channge the combination. Interesting project.
Margo said…
Hard call, black or white. When in doubt over one or the other, I usually choose both. This of course is why my shelves and closets are overflowing. This series was interesting to begin with, I do quite like a grouping though, and it does make framing easier.
Anonymous said…
The black wins it for me.
vivien said…
interesting points - thanks for really thinking about it and feeding back :>)

I started a larger one (on A3 paper) using the set of Artbars that Derwent gave me, unfinished as yet but interesting to see the different marks and feel of it.
Laura said…
My comment flew the coop. I would use white or a dark color that is an element in the works themselves. I would not use black because, unless it connects to the palette you used, it fights the work.

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