Yellow glow

Hazy light and glowing rapeseed, near Market Harborough

The fields around the south of Leicestershire and into Northamptonshire are currently glowing vivid yellow as the rape is in flower.  When the skies are purple with storm clouds and the sun is still shining on the fields in becomes spectacular.  The day of the photo was hazy and not so dramatic but you can still see the intensity.  
I need to get out with oil paints.

I've been very busy with work committemnt, appointments and my youngest daughter moving house so no painting going on at the moment.   I will get out though.


Robyn Sinclair said…
Beautiful scene. I hope it waits for you, Vivien.
Jeanette said…
What fabulous colours and contrasts. Oh yes, you have to paint this! Go now!!! :)
Michael Bailey said…
Cambridgeshire is aglow with the fields of rapeseed too;a stark contrast against the rich greens of neighbouring fields and hedgerows. I tried to capture it quickly with pastel pencils while travelling home on the bus a couple of weeks ago - but I think you're right, it needs the opacity and richness of oil paints to capture it.
Tina Mammoser said…
My eyes love it! :) My sinuses loathe it. heh.
vivien said…
Tina me too! good old Telfast keeps life bearable.

Yes the oils are coming out - each year I say I'll catch it and miss it. The same with the subtle pale colour of the ripe wheat rippling like silk.

For me definitely oils needed.
Anita said…
Germany is awash with the acid yellow of rapeseed too. Half of me is drawn to paint it and the other half is repelled by its harsh colour. Prefer the colour of ripening wheat!
vivien said…
Ripening wheat really is beautiful I agree - in this part of the county, with its patchwork fields and hills, I do actually like it.

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