More paintings of snow: Watercolour and mixed media

Winter snow and frozen puddles, watercolour and mixed media

I just treated myself to a wickedly expensive brush and I'm busy test driving it.   It holds so much water!  that's something to adapt to.  It's a size 18 filbert that comes to a nice point.

There is also a little Tombow pen drawing in there in a cool grey and a little of the ochre tinted charcoal from Derwent in the hedges.

I did a couple of others that I'll show another day.

What is your favourite watercolour brush?


Gorgeous painting! I really like this colour combination.

An 18 filbert sounds like a lovely toy to play with. One of my favourites for sketching is a proarte sword liner. The extra long hair can make really calligraphic marks in broad sweeps or the finest of lines (- it's great for life drawing). I like the stubbyness of the handle too.
vivien said…
The filbert comes to a point, a sort of variation . And yes I use swordliners a lot as well. The calligraphic marks are lovely and perfect for the sea too. My other essential is riggers, again for their fluidity of mark.
Margo said…
Lovely painting, and what a brush! Who makes it?
vivien said…
Rosemary's Brushes

they have a very good reputation and I believe ship internationally. I really shouldn't have spent that much though!
Robyn Sinclair said…
Vivien - Of course you should have treated yourself to this new brush. You are a professional, it's a tool and it's tax deductible and most of all, you deserve it. Lovely shadows in that landscape. I too am struggling with the water load in my new 16 da Vinci Mastro Kolinsky sable round brush.
Beautiful drawing featuring the new Derwent tinted charcoal pencils in your previous post.

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