Spring at last! Spring landscape in watercolour and mixed media

Spring at Hartshill Hayes, watercolour and mixed media in Stillman & Birn A4 Beta Hardback sketchbook

The family went off walking through the bluebell woods. which are looking absolutely gorgeous at the moment,   I sat at the top of the steep hill sketching.   Spring - a month late - is finally here and we had a few beautiful days.  It was warm and a bank holiday, bringing out lots of walkers, picknickers and those just wanting to sit in the sunshine - I left them out as it's the landscape that interests me.

I used watercolour, coloured pencil, conte pencil, Derwent sienna drawing pencil, white Daler Rowney acrylic ink, touch of gouache .......and the kitchen sink!

I have a few bottles of the FW acrylic ink and really like it but hadn't bought the white.   I asked one of my students how opaq.ue it is - I think he has the full set - and he said very.  So I ordered one - and it is :>)/   Just what I needed.  Even white gouache often isn't quite opaque enough to cover as I want and this is.

It was so nice to be out in the fresh air sketching after the long long winter this year.  Now I need to get out with my oils - so much quicker!

What medium do you prefer for sketchiing plein air?


Caroline B said…
I usually have to sketch on the move, so it's generally a pencil or fine nib pen. Love to use watercolours outdoors if I can though.
Can I ask, you produce such lovely pictures in your sketchbooks, but as such they have to remain in the book - do you then go on to use these sketches for a painting?
Margo said…
Gorgeous sign of Spring here! So glad you have decent sketching weather again. Thanks for the tip on the opaque white. I usually use watercolor, and pencil or pen and ink for my sketchbook landscapes. Just trying to lighten the load I carry these days. Still miss that kitchen sink sometimes though!
vivien said…
Thanks :)

I do keep them in the sketchbooks usually Caroline and use them as the basis for further work on larger paper or canvas. They are there as a resource for years then. I sometimes stay close to the sketch in the final pieces but sometimes move on and simplify.

I want to get out with oil paints again soon as they are so much faster!

Lindsay said…
Just beautiful!
vivien said…
Thanks Lindsay :)
Marmsk said…
Love your work!!!
vivien said…
Thank you :) and thanks for visiting

Next week I have plans for lots of sketching, all being well.

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