Trees and Moon at Dusk, winter, Grey ink and XL tinted charcoal in the S&B Zeta sketchbook

Dusk, winter, Grey ink and XL tinted charcoal in the S&B Zeta sketchbook

An experiment across 2 pages of the new Zeta sketchbook with Grey ink and bamboo pen and Derwent's new XL tinted charcoal blocks.  Their new willow charcoal sticks are very nice too, really velvety unlike some that can be irritatingly scratchy.

The charcoal is luscious and so are the tinted graphite blocks - well worth trying if you like to work larger and more freely.

The Zeta sketchbook has very very smooth paper for those who use pen a lot and don't like texture.  It's also extremely heavy weight and can take a lot of pushing around, lifting out, washes etc

The S&B sketchbooks are now available in the UK via Amazon and soon through Jackson's for anyone interested, I know a few people asked me for information.

It's fun trying out new products :>)

Now the weather is improving at long last I may manage to get out a little more to sketch.

For those near the Cotswolds there is a great exhibition ending - Kurt Jackson at the Campden Gallery in Chipping Campden - don't miss it if you are near, it was great.

And another good one coming up at the John Davies gallery in Moreton in Marsh - David Prentice.  I have to go and see that one as well.

They are both top of my shopping list when I win the lottery!


laura said…
I agree--I love to try new products; so very interested to see what you've been doing with this sketchbook. I must have one ... Perhaps it help me make trees as beautiful as yours!
vivien said…
Thanks Laura.

You have a nice touch with watercolours :)
Anonymous said…
Do you need to interleave your book when you close it? In case of smudging.
vivien said…
No I don't need to interleave as I use fixative. If i didn't have it with me then I would put a sheet of paper in temporarily, until I fixed it.
vivien said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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