Pendeen lighthouse sketched in watersoluble pen 

A quick sketch with a Tombow water-soluble pen and a waterbrush.  Again it's in the Stillman and Birn Beta sketchbook (A4) with its lovely heavy paper.

The family went for a walk along the cliffs, while I did this sketch and another looking down on the sea seething round the rocks below, which I'll show next time.

It's a place I've sketched before in watercolour mixed media - see below ...


Each time the colours are different, the weather, the mood, the flowers.  As a child, living further north in Cornwall, I loved those changes - each time we took the coast road and swooped up and down hills, passing another cove, the light would be different, the tide and sea swell different.   

The sea changed from almost navy blue on the day above to the pearly tones of the sketch below on the following day.   On the day I did the pen sketches the wind was creating lacy skeins of foam that spread in sweeps on the water below.

I think I would like to try some large watercolours from these.what do you think?


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