Watercolour and mixed media, Sennen Cove in S&B Beta sketchbook

A sketch done from our holiday cottage in watercolour/mixed media in an A4 S&B sketchboo

We had wonderful views from the house, right left and front .... and even the steep hillside/cliff at the back had primroses and bluebells.

This is looking sideways when the tide is high, past a row of terraced cottages that climb up the steep track.  That's 'our' garden ..... for a week anyway!

I used watercolour with some pen and a few touches of coloured pencil - oh and a little FW white acrylic ink, a new favourite medium, used with a bamboo pen or brush.  It is really opaque and a clear clean white. so useful for surf etc when you've lost the white of the paper in places,   I work fastish, the painting evolves and I don't always retain all the lights so use this or white gouache to regain them. 

I like mixing media, choosing whatever will create the marks I want.  I'm trying to catch a spirit of place and have no interest at all in rules about 'pure' watercolour ;>D   Not keen on rules!  it's art not science :>)  How about you?


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