Bamburgh castle in mixed media in a Stillman and Birn Delta sketchbook

Bamburgh Castle from the dunes.   Watercolour and mixed media in Stillman and Birn Delta sketchbook

Another sketch from the break in Northumbria.   The view of Bamburgh castle from the dunes is great - it is huge, looming silhouetted on its headland above the sweeping beach.

The textures of the marram grass, thistles and other plants interested me equally.  Working fast was essential  as we only had limited time up there.  To get the textures, the luminosity of the sea and sky and the looming power of the castle, I ended up using watercolours, a little grey ink, a little gouache, conte pencil, white acrylic ink and some coloured pencil.

The first (very quick) sketch was from lower down and further back in the dunes, done where I parked the car, and done using grey ink and charcoal.  I used twigs to draw with the ink - it gives a lovely range of marks that are freer and looser than pens.  And they are free :>)

Bamburgh castle, grey ink and willow charcoal

More to follow ....


Caroline B said…
Wonderful sketch - makes me want to be there!
Ian Bertram said…
This stretch of coast is one of my favourites, in all weathers. It also features in the fil 'Becket' when Becket meets the king on the beach below the castle. Probably hopelessly inaccurate but a great image.

I was here in October 2012 in dreadful weather. My camera batteries failed because of the cold, so no good photos and too cold to hang around outdoors sketching. I remember however standing on the road leading north to the castle and seeing the sea pounding in, then turning round and seeing in the distance the Cheviots covered in snow.
vivien said…
thank you :>) Caroline

That must have been Wonderful Ian. Turner did some fantastic paintings here of wild seas.

From Becket to Harry Potter's Hogwarts - an interesting mix!

I loved the hills - if I get there again I want to spend more time up in the wild lonely places with their single track roads, isolated farms and hills that wrap around you.

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