collagraph plates ready to print

these are the collagraph plates I have ready to print.

They are created using mount card, Where lines are cut with a craft knife it will print like drypoint lines, where the top layer is peeled off will print dark, where it is left alone will print a soft medium tone and for lights, pva is used as a resist, It is then varnished with straw-hat-varnish (shellac), which is meths based and won't dissolve when printing ink is applied.

I now need to get to the print workshop to use the printing presses and facilities to experiment with printing them :)

I haven't done any intaglio printing for ages and I'm looking forward to it.

the trees are all done separately so no 2 prints will be the same, I can arrange them differently, change spacing and numbers and of course use different colours and colour mixes.


I have never heard of this I cant wait to see the results!~

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