February printmaking

I managed to get into the print workshop, made a new linocut and printed one print from the collagraph plates - disaster! - didn't use enough pressure and forgot to add the felt blanket (I was using the hydraulic press) so the print didn't work very well, but well enough to see how it will work. It will be a few days maybe before I can get in to print again :( The blanket is essential as it's an intaglio print and it needs to pick up the ink from the fine lines on the plate. Detail shown above

The lino plate above has since been cut and is ready to print when I can get in to do it. It's a relief print and will be much quicker to ink up and print than the collagraph.

I may do one lino print as a relief, before inking up, then I'll then have a contoured image with no colour. I may also experiment with printing it as an intaglio lino, where I ink up the background and surface and use a layer of sponge in the press, to force the paper into the cut away spaces to pick up the ink.


I wish I could see this process in real life it sounds so interesting!
Robin Neudorfer said…
Vivian, these look like trunks of a birch tree. Very interesting textures. May have been a mistake but it is definitely a happy on in my opinion

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