more poppies and dislocated hips

A really hectic week this week. I've nearly finished another poppy sketch - I liked the way the petal had dropped off and you could see the inside clearly. It needs intensifying a bit and the darks pushing a little I think.

Youngest cat, Paddy, had some sort of accident on Monday and struggled home, obviously in a lot of pain, crying and swearing piteously.

I was on the vet's doorstep at 8.30 when they opened. They gave him painkillers and antibiotics and an appointment to go back on Tuesday for a review. He was no better and now they decided it was dislocated - no wonder he was in so much pain.

So, on Wednesday it took them an hour and a half to put it back but it kept coming out again so he's now sporting the sling in the sketch here. He's coping really well with it and isn't fussing about it much apart from shaking the leg a bit.

Rosie on the other hand is absolutely freaked out by it and hisses and runs away. She's the one sleeping with her paw over her nose.

Post op Paddy had air bubbles in the skin in his neck - his airway was leaking and so he had to spend the night in a vetinary hospital in case it spread to his chest.

so, this week he's been back for daily checks and I'm exhausted. The air bubbles are nearly gone now - they felt like bubble wrap and sort of crackled as you stroked him, very strange.

He's able to jump up onto a chair now and has requisitioned mine, I haven't the heart to object :)

Now all I need is for Rosie to settle down and stop being silly so I can get some painting done.


I love poppies and kitties :)
vivien said…
me too!

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