sunny and warm and painting outside :)

I went out painting today with a friend, sitting at the top of a high hill on a hot sunny day, in the shade of a tree, with a cool breeze blowing :)

The light wasn't wonderful - it was over the middle of the day so a flat light. It was very hazy so lots of lovely blue distance and a patchwork of fields and hedges.

I usually work on paper plein air as it's easier to carry but decided to take a couple of very small canvasses this time, a six inch square and a 12 inch square. They are wet at the moment but I'll photograph them when they are dry and my camera batteries are charged up. I also need to get the little black flies off the larger one when it's dry :( why oh why do they have to commit sucide on my painting?

I did this quick sketch when I got home. Madame was snoozing contentedly on the doorstep in the sunshine.


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