No snow PLEASE!

This was last January - I do hope we don't get snow this year - it may be beautiful but it makes the journey to and from work a nightmare.

We had freezing fog this week - beautiful as it coats the trees in white and turns the world into a misty fairyland - but so COLD. It kept freezing on the windscreen until the car really warmed up which was fun

... not.

I'm now into the last of the Christmas food shopping, presents all organised and it will be a relief when the shops shut and whatever is forgotten ... it's too late.


sharon young said…
Hi Vivien
Oh boy! I know what you mean about the cold. I haven't been able to get warm all day!! correction all week.
I'd love to get out there and take some shots of these frosts, but we need the sun. It's especially annoying when all our Antipodean friends keep complaining about the heat!!!!
vivien said…
true! but then there are the US ones with ice storms - so I suppose we are lucky really. I just hate cold like this and too much heat as well - I like middlish temperatures.
Lindsay said…
I know what you mean about the shops closing!! A huge relief. It always amazes me that a day or 2 after Christmas, we need so much more food.
I'ts amazing what my 20 year old son eats. And I hope you get your anti snow wish
Snow is best kept on cards and box lids. Like you - I hate the snow and ice - although my family love it - they are all skiers including my young grandson who is a good little skier now. I just like to look at their photos.
Having said that - I do want to take a series of photos of snow and ice given the right conditions but won't be too disappointed if it doesn't happen.
Jeanette Jobson said…
I remember how rare snowfalls slowed life considerably when I lived in the UK, so I understand full well your dislike of it.

Living where I am now, its a part of winter, but I still dislike winter intensely and hate being cold. The average overnight temperature this week has been -12C, sometimes the average 'high' -8C.

And did I mention snow?? Oh yeah, we have it.
vivien said…
Jeanette I would just have to hibernate at those temperatures!

Shirley, skiing looks fun - but the reality of the icy particles hitting you as you skim down the slopes - no no no!!!!!

Lindsay - have a great Christmas :)

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