bees by my daughter

Bees. Photograph. Copyright Caroline Blackburn
I've not got anything new to show at the moment so thought I'd share these great photos of bees that my daughter just emailed - look at its little legs hanging on to the spikes on the teasel!

I think she's a really talented photographer :>) and love the way she's cropped them.



Jeanette said…
They are lovely. And your daughter is talented as a photographer.

Wonder the little bee hasn't impaled itself on those sharp teasel spikes! I guess it pays to weigh next to nothing...
dinahmow said…
I love the detail of the furry body and shimmering wing on the first bumble. Talent, indeed!
vivien said…
Thanks Jeanette and Dinah :>) she'll be delighted with your comments
my croft said…
These images are extraordinary. The bees can be "read" both as portraits and as design elements in a quite exquisite design.

Shows great patience and respect for the subject, as well as talent in the photographer.

Thanks so much for sharing them.
vivien said…
thanks Melanie :>) she'll be thrilled with your comments
Lovely bees! They're so sweet and furry. Send your daughter my compliments and if she wants to take a look at the bumblebees in my part of the world:
laurel said…
Awesome pictures! She did a great job capturing the details.

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