Realism in watercolour and paintings that are sustaining

Field of Dreams, 24" x37", David Poxon

For the last couple of years I've mentioned the work of David Poxon in the RI watercolour exhibition at the Mall Galleries . Last year he was kind enough to send me images of work at a resolution that really shows his skill off to advantage. Today I opened my emails to see that he'd sent me these 2 with permission to use them here :>) Thank you David :>)

Do click on them to see them larger - they are well worth it.

Catch, 12"x17", David Poxon

The word that came to my mind was 'sustaining' - this word was applied to a painting of mine by a buyer and I think it was one of the nicest compliments I've ever had.

Sustaining - there is so much in these to keep you revisiting - noticing new things, admiring textures, subtle colours, lost edges, mysterious areas, intense observation , lovely use of paint, unusual and interesting subject matter, the compositions work in an abstract way, quiet areas vs busy areas ......

I'd love to own one.

If you are in London - check them out. He has had 4 accepted this year.

The exhibition runs Tue 20 - Fri 30 April 2010

And of course Sarah Wimperis of Muddy Red Shoes is also showing her gorgeous work. Good luck Sarah.

I'd like one of yours too!


Well I'll definitely be going - and I'll now look forward to seeing these as well.
Sarah Wimperis said…
ooh, I am so excited at seeing these...for real! Will send you high res picks of mine viv.
Nick said…
I'm a big fan of David's work, and having just seen ir in Shanghai, I can attest that's it just as good IRL (that's not always the case, though everyone likes to claim it!). Can't blame you for posting "Catch" - that's one of my very very favorites! David also has a wild rock & roll side to him, did you know??!
vivien said…
that would be wonderful Sarah - please do :>)

Nick I agree, his work IRL is incredible - and a rock n roll side? who would have thought it ;>D

Yes I like Catch ... a lot.
Sarah Wimperis said…
sorry viv, the day I said that my email went totally weird and I spent a whole day with BT trying to fix it and then forgot to send pics to you!!
vivien said…
thanks Sarah - I got the images today :>) - gorgeous too

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