update on Runswick Bay, work in progress - finished???

Runswick Bay, 20x16ins canvas - details

Runswick Bay, 16x20 ins, canvas, mixed media, maybe finished

This is where this canvas is now. Maybe finished? maybe not ......

what do you think? more light on the outer edge of the cliffs maybe?

sorry about the lack of posts lately - I'm snowed under at work and I've not been well, schniff


Runswick Bay is only 30 minutes away from me so I know it well.
I recall that the cottage you have painted is where the vet James Herriot used to stay.
Most of my photographs are from beyond this cottage - mainly the textures and surfaces of the rocks.
Lovely painting - not qualified to judge further.
vivien said…
small world Shirley!!! I didn't know that about James Herriot

You live in a lovely part of the country

It surprised me to see thatch at the edge of the sea on the north coast, and it's weathered a lovely silvery colour.

I wish I was only 30 minutes from the coast :>( - more like 3 hours for me
Lydia said…
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vivien said…
thanks Lydia
Robyn said…
Oh that is lovely. It looks finished to me, unfortunately I'm looking at it on a small screen, so I'm not much use.

My first thought was, I'd love to rent that little cottage. Seems I'm not the only one :)
vivien said…
me too :>) I could spend a week happily painting without ever needing the car :>)

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