Digital tablets, illustration and Harmony and a plea for help!

Teddy, digital experiment using graphic tablet and Harmony

I'm still up to my eyes in work - paperwork and getting things finished for exhibitions, but just time for a quick play with this programme again.

I can definitely see me using this in the books I make for my grandson .

I only realised yesterday that I can use colour with it! I hadn't clicked on the black square before, simply experimented with the mark making. You can (you've probably already worked out) change background and brush colours :>)

You can, I think, download the programme. I emailed to enquire and was kindly given this link by the programme inventor, Mr Doob. I tried downloading the zip file but couldn't find anywhere to install/use it, just the brushes etc files. There is a zip file and a TAR file - but I don't understand how to make it work either once downloaded :>( Any ideas? It seems to want to download it into other programmes - but they won't recognise it :>(



Robyn said…
Cute bear, Vivien. I can see why you will be using that tool for books for your grandson. It has a magic quality in colour, doesn't it.

I wish I could help out technically but I haven't used that tool. You really are tempting me to try and load my old acrylic-coated tablet on my new computer. Probably need to do some compatibility research first.

Looking forward to more of your digital art (when you have a moment).
vivien said…
thanks Robyn - I wish my techie knowledge was better.

Do dig it out and try it.

I was thinking of how fabulous it would be to do solar prints with - I haven't a clue how to do them but could try to learn ....
vivien said…
oh it seems solar prints are only like photograms, using light sensitive paper.

I want the technique that transfers your drawing to an etching plate.
Robyn said…
I think you can get treated solar plates for etching, Vivien. I'd love to know more about that too. Particularly if they produce a plate, as I've read somewhere, that doesn't need to go into an acid bath. I'm very nervous of the acid involved in etching.
Julie Broom said…
Vivien,sorry if this is a silly question but did you use software like winzip with the zip file? This post from the art forum might help you?
vivien said…
not at all a silly question Julie - I don't know is the answer as I've never downloaded this kind of file when it didn't just unzip all on its own! I'm not very expert technically .... or useless might be a better phrase :>)

That sounds like what I'd need Robyn. The acid isn't scary in the workshop but not ideal at home is it?
Sydney Harper said…
I'm not sure what operating system you use, Windows or Mac. You'll need to unzip the file you downloaded and place it somewhere on your computer. To unzip in Windows, double click the file. To the left, under Folder Tasks, you should see an option for "Extract all files". Click that to extract the files. I'm not sure how it works on a Mac.

You should end up with a folder called something like "mrdoob-harmony-5ecefab". Inside that folder is another folder called "src". Open that folder and click on "index" file. That will open Harmony in your browser and run the program.
vivien said…
thanks Sydney - I've got a pc not a mac - I'll have another go

I couldn't see any sort of 'set up' file when I tried but I'll follow your instructions :>) and see what happens
Sydney Harper said…
In case you're using another piece of software for .zip files, you just want to extract the files not do a setup or run.
vivien said…
I don't quite understand that Sydney?

I am technically backward!
Sydney Harper said…
Hmm... Inside the .zip file are a bunch more files. They are put into .zip format to make it easier to download. Some unzip software like WinZip will have an option to "setup" or "run" the file. Also you have the option to just extract the files inside the .zip file into a folder. You want to choose the option to extract or unzip the files.

What happens when you double-click it? If you just have the default Windows unzip software, another window will open and you will have the option to "Extract all files" on the left-hand menu.
vivien said…
I'll have another go at the weekend Sydney - I've got useful advice from you and David (emailed) at the weekend I'll persevere - I really WANT to download it!

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